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How to create an account at Paxful


How to create an account at Paxful

Step 1: Go to

Paxful is a platform where you can buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and over 300 other cryptocurrencies using your credit card, bank account or other options. Just access their official website and click on “Sign Up”.

Step 2: Provide Information About Yourself

Now input some information about yourself on their sign up page such as name, email address and the password that you are going to use for the account. After entering all of these details, you can proceed to the next step. You also need to agree with their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy before moving forward.

Step 3: Confirm Your Phone Number

You now need to confirm your phone number so they know it’s all real with the account you are creating on Paxful. Enter in your number followed by selecting your country code beside it in order to proceed further ahead. Once that is done, a verification link will be sent over to the given number in order for them to confirm your identity before activating your Paxful account.

Step 4: Complete Registration

Now everything that you have entered needs confirming by clicking on the ‘Activate Account’ button located at the bottom of the screen concluding with step one medication process completion form. If everything went as planned, you now have successfully created a Paxful account! Now you can securely store, buy or sell Bitcoins on their platform!

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